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Marrsing ®

Positive Relationship Transformation
Purpose | Power | Passion

About Marrsing

Marrsing is about the confluence of our singleness and commitments of our relationships and marriages and how our individual thoughts, perceptions and actions determine the harmony or disharmony we’ll experience as partners together.

MARRSING derived from
MARR – Marriage / Commitments
SING – The 'Individual Self'

Our Life story holds the history of our decisions."

Pastor Dale Bronner

The Power of MARRSING®

Purpose: Live Intentionally!

Power: Love consciously!

Passion: Share generously!

“MARRSING power elevates our conscious awareness, unblocks our flow, and allows the universal God energies to connect from within our single self through to our committed relationships and marriages.”

Make it through the rocks, the horizon of harmony is waiting along the path of your Marrsing journey.

Tap in and dig within!

Angella Watkis Francis

More About Marrsing

Helping partners enhance and transform their marriages and committed relationships

The Power Of Marrsing

"If we want our home and our surroundings happy, we need to be happy first. We can transform everything around us if we transform ourselves."

 James Allen, Book: Above Life's Turmoil

Achievement Mode!

Create some meaningful new value with this day you now have. Choose to put yourself in the achievement mode.

Start with commitment. Decide on a goal and decide you will achieve it, no excuses, no quitting, no let up in action until it’s done.

Continue with enthusiasm. Care, even if no one else does, relentlessly positive about the good work you’re doing.

Remember your purpose. With each challenge, remind yourself why you must push through it and what’s most important about doing so.

Zero in on value. Understand that your efforts transform the value available to you into the value you seek to create.

Dance with joyful persistence from one task to another, grateful for the opportunity. Live today in the achievement mode, and discover how very much you can do.

— Ralph Marston – Daily Motivator

“We all have the power within us to create the marriage and relationships that we want.  Each of us MUST tap into our individual consciousness to bring it to our aliveness. Acknowledge the abundance of the universe and enjoy it!” Understand your purpose, unleash your power, and ignite your passion!


– Angella Watkis-Francis

Marrsing® Pause

Helpin partners become more consciously aware.

Marrsing® Embrace

Providing women with a safe space for calm, reflection, and relaxation-Charitable/Non-profit. 

Marrsing® Clause

Marrsing® Clause

Providing partners with a marriage blueprint.


Marrsing is a Lifestyle and an Experience

"Harmonious, successful relationships and marriages are not about GIVE and TAKE. They are about SHARING and SERVING." 

- Angella Watkis Francis: The Power Of Marrsing

MARRSING  POWER... who we are within, as the single 'individual self ' will shows up as the energy of  our relationships.

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Exciting! It's


The Power of MARRSING!

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