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Marrsing ®

Positive Relationship Transformation
Purpose | Power | Passion

Make a Difference Today!

You and I have the POWER within us to accomplish and achieve the PURPOSE we want, if we apply the PASSION it requires.

Angella Watkis Francis 

The Birth of Marrsing

The Marrsing concept was born out of the inspiration to  understand the ‘inner workings’ of the ‘single’ human self and how our individual thoughts affect our inter-connectedness as partners in a committed relationship and marriage.

The Marrsing Life Mission... A journey of Positivity and Harmony!

Is embarking on a transformative path, to achieve harmony in our committed relationships and marriages.

The MARRSING concept is fundamentally about the dichotomies of singleness and commitment in relationships. It’s about the contradictions of how our thoughts and actions determine the quality and sustainability of our relationships and marriages.

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Marrsing® Communications

Helping Partners transform marriage and relationship CHALLENGES into OPPORTUNITIES.

Sharing the knowledge from my life journey of exemplary experiences, has inspired a transformative path for partners and spouses to experience a Marrsing life!

Through intentional living, conscious awareness, and generosity, guided by  intuitive God-powered wisdom, we can achieve inner peace and understanding to create harmony for ourselves and with our partners and spouses.

As partners we can engineer our growth as a union of two or as a division of one.

Angella Watkis Francis - The Power Of Marrsing

"No effort can be said to be ORGANIZED unless the individuals engaged in the effort

 co-ordinate their knowledge and energy in a spirit of perfect harmony."

Napoleon Hill

God doesn't put or lead us through anything unless there is a bigger PURPOSE for it

About Marrsing

Marrsing is about...

Living intentionally with gratitude, loving consciously with power rather than force and sharing generously with compassion and service in our relationships and marriages. Marrsing acknowledges the ever-present dichotomies of the single human self.  The ego within us is constantly evolving and changing the perceptions and emotions that drive our feelings and actions. Understanding that it’s responsible for inflating our pride and dictating the thoughts, moods, and behaviors of the energy and harmony in our committed relationships. Excerpt from the upcoming book – The POWER OF MARRSING by Angella Watkis Francis"

"Marrsing power emerged throughout the evolution of an eventful marital journey.  In the aftermath of a once promising and admirable love partnership; there remains emotionally charged individuals, abandoned ‘old age’ retirement aspirations, and the disintegration of family connections and relational networks.  But in this age of “free choice and egalitarianism” as empowered individuals we can decide to disembark from our tempestuous marital roller coaster ride by summing up the negatives and realizing that the course ahead will be too turbulent and dangerous for our sanity, our health, and survival for us to continue riding on together."

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