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Marrsing ®

Positive Relationship Transformation
Purpose | Power | Passion

Inspiring Partners to transform their connections!

MARRSING® is a trademarked brand that promotes, supports, and inspires partners in committed relationships and marriages to own their options, choices, and opportunities to enhance and transform their connections into healthy and harmonious relationships; by living intentionally, loving consciously, and sharing generously.

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Why did you develop Marrsing?

I developed the MARRSING concept as a way of understanding and improving life, love, relationships, and marriages.  We are a confluence of our experiences, memories, imaginations and intuitions.  How these energies manifest and how we interpret and use the outcomes of our existence is totally up to us. The single mind-our mindpower, the single thought, and the single individual within our free-willed mentality can empower or disempower relationships by the words and actions we use towards our partners.  We will either feed and grow, or starve and destroy our valuable intimate connections by the thoughts and actions that we choose to manifest.

In my lifelong quest to understand and gain wisdom about the root of our actions, the relevance of events, and the meaning of patterns in our lives; no matter what the surroundings and environment says or offers us; it’s the single individual within me that ultimately has the power to determine what ‘MY’ actions will be.  If I take some time to acknowledge, breathe, pause, and then respond rather than RE-ACT, I’ll be elevating my conscious awareness to direct my thoughts towards the present and future consequences of my choices.

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Excerpt from the upcoming book:

The Power of Marrsing

Author: Angella Watkis Francis

1  —

Fully living and having the most rewarding life happens when we are experiencing love for ourselves and love from those we trust, admire, or respect.

2  —

We yearn for that partner who is going to love us, adore us, and satisfy our inherent need for feeling loved and wanted.

3 —

Eventually, we’ll meet the person of our dreams.  We’ll fall (with no controllable guidance) for this person, with the intention of spending life-long years together.  We marry and pledge to love and be with each other “till death do us part,” knowing deep within our souls that the inhibitions, contradictions, and addictions, that gyrate between our inner thoughts and our outer selves will eventually extinguish the euphoria of the ‘wedding moment’

Angella Watkis Francis

The creative mind behind MARRSING

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